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Welcome to Old Man Pho

One-Taste-Fits-All Food with Authentic & Own-Created Flavours

Savor the Authentic Flavors of Vietnam

What Makes Us Different

Local and Fresh Ingredients

At Old Man Pho, we source our ingredients from local farmers and markets to ensure the freshest and highest quality ingredients in our dishes.

Authentic and Own-Created Flavours

Our team of experienced chefs combines traditional Vietnamese recipes with creative twists to bring you unique and delicious dishes.

Top-Quality Ingredients

From our premium cuts of meat to our fresh herbs and spices, we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients.


Experience the Combination of Tradition and Creativity

At Old Man Pho, we believe that food is not just fuel for the body, but an opportunity to explore different tastes and cultures. Our dishes are a perfect blend of authentic Vietnamese flavours and our own creative twists.

Discover Our Menu


Pho - The Perfect Combination of Flavours and Nutrition

Our signature dish, Pho, is a hearty and nutritious soup made with fresh ingredients and aromatic spices. It's the perfect meal to warm you up on a chilly day.


The Ultimate Banh Mi Experience

As a Vietnamese restaurant, we are proud to offer Banh Mi – the best street food in Vietnam! Our Banh Mi is a delectable fusion of fresh baguette, succulent slivers of meat, and crisp vegetables. You will love its savory flavor and texture that will transport you straight to the streets of Vietnam.


Experience the Rich Flavor of Our Beef Stew

Try our Traditional Vietnamese Beef Stew, made with tender beef simmered in a rich and flavorful broth. This classic dish is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine and is sure to warm you up on a cold day. Order now to experience the authentic taste of Vietnam.


Try Our Mi Quang

Experience the authentic taste of Vietnam with our Mi Quang Noodle. It's a traditional dish from Da Nang, Vietnam and is made with rice noodles, a variety of meats such as shrimp, pork, and chicken, and served with a lightly spiced broth, peanuts, and fresh vegetables. The flavors and textures come together perfectly, making this dish a must-try for anyone who loves Vietnamese cuisine.

Ordering Options


Local Delivery

We offer local delivery within a 5km radius of our restaurant.


In Store Pick Up

Order online and pick up your food in store at your convenience.


Curbside Pick Up

Order online and we'll bring your food to your car for curbside pick up.

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